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J David Black

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(no subject) [May. 25th, 2011|11:14 am]
J David Black
trying my hand at composing- this is part of my "themes from 80's detective shows that never got a pilot" suite. I hear Bob Mould makes a lot of money writing for the news.
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I've moved [Jan. 23rd, 2009|04:20 pm]
J David Black
to the AC Temple, and I probably didn't tell you. I'm bad about that. So, I'm telling you now. 
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Graph it out yourself, nerd. [Jan. 4th, 2009|03:08 am]
J David Black
The holidays:

Started on a high note, as well as several low notes, and a bunch in-between at Rev. Jack Ladybird & Hightower's x-mas spectacle (peppermint sonicified)

dove down to shitty, thanks to pervasive, poorly treated mental illness among my family members (sample quote, "I am a brilliant man.")

Got better, thanks to U China's x-mas day seafood buffet (you can eat a lot more when you're not having to talk to people)

Got great, at robb and lydia's wedding reception and accompanying after party/hangover day at jon ezell's (the best time i've ever had in Tuscaloosa, bar none)

Made a sharp turn towards awesomeness in Pickens County (new additions to my lexicon: Skootch, awesome awful harmony, bubble yum soda, swedish candles, glogg)

and just when I thought it was all over:

George Royer comes to the plaza with good news and a pretty lady, and I come home with a phone number.

potent quotables holiday edition 2008
"you got to tap a bitch on the shoulder"

"I call 'em my pussy cushions" (possibly followed by "faggot!")

"who's been fucking the spirit of the forest?"

"We're sitting on each others butt's"---
   ---"That's a sosha bisskit."

"let's go slam a sparks in the gas station parking lot!"

"I'm afraid I'll lose my shirts."

got any more for me? I think we can put bartlett's to shame.

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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2008|03:26 pm]
J David Black
I feel like i'm disappearing.

I need to do a show every weekend from now on.

I just need someone to drive me there.
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We'll throw away the TV and the radio... [Sep. 25th, 2008|09:30 pm]
J David Black
I showed up late for the 1st day of my new job. I'm working for UAB as a groundskeeper, and I love it. The only problem is that I work from 6 am 'til 2:45 pm, and I haven't figured out when the best time to drink is. (fuck some grammar)

I really like the work, though. The weather has been fuckin' awesome, and while y'all have been shelving books or delivering sandwiches, or whatever the fuck it is you do, I've been outside, mowing lawns in the cool breeze and pruning ivy in the warm sun. Don't get me wrong, it's gonna suck come the end of October when it's 50 degrees in the morning, but for now....

My car's fucked up, I'm probably gonna have to wait 3 weeks for a check from UAB, I had to borrow money from my mother just to be able to eat, I've gotta pack tomorrow and move on Saturday, but it's all going pretty goddamned good.
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This Saturday!!!!!! [Sep. 4th, 2008|04:17 pm]
J David Black

If you didn't come out to Bottletree last sunday, you missed a good show, and this one's stacking up to be even wilder. 

Change in lineup, though: The Cancers played last week, The Boyfriends, formerly the Ah's, will be performing their (our) first gig ever.

Also, my set will bear no resemblance to the one I did last week, nor any previous set I did, ever. I'm attempting some things live that I've only I done on tape before.

So come on out!
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2008|04:20 pm]
J David Black
I was out swimming yesterday, and tried to scrape some mud off my feet. Unfortunately, the tree I picked was the stomping grounds of one of these  bad-asses:

Meet the Buck Moth caterpillar, one of many species of stinging caterpillars.

My foot swelled up and was itching like hell, and this morning my GI was intensely disturbed, and I had to fight to keep from vomiting. I even left work early because I felt so shitty. This afternoon the swelling subsided and I got to see the bastard's calling card:

that's a good 2 inches of sting right there.
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via Vice [Jun. 17th, 2008|01:24 pm]
J David Black
There's this blog, Sexy People, dedicated to awesome portraits, of the olan mills/glamour shots variety. A lot of good stuff, but my favorite:

look closely at the baby.

that's right, they cut and pasted their new child into an old family portrait.
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2008|10:06 am]
J David Black
Got back early from the lake, decided to take the day off of work like I had originally planned. For some peace and quiet, you know?

Well, the landlord picked today to clean up the brush pile/ snake & rat breeding pit in the vacant lot next door, which is something we've been asking about for awhile. They're using this crazy bulldozer with a wood chipping attachment that resembles a snowblower, and sounds like something they'd use to dig a swimming pool... in hell.  Also, the fleeing reptiles and rodents will likely head towards higher ground, like our house.

The lake trip was great, though. Discovered that the only decent way to prepare porkchops is on the grill.  I got a little lax in applying sunblock and now I'm shrimp-burnt, which is less than lobster-burnt, but still itches like hell. Also, I was accosted by a lake troll.

I lost my wallet before I left.  I'm still holding out hope that it's in my room, but continuing excavations have not bore this out.

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(no subject) [Jun. 4th, 2008|02:56 pm]
J David Black
First off, anyone got a dent pullin' kit? I really don't feel like jerry-riggin' anything in this heat. (I'm gonna try anyway, though.)

I haven't smoked a cigarette since Sunday, the longest I've gone without one in 13 years. 

I really think this is one of the high points of my life, (I don't just mean the not smoking thing) and I thank every one of you.
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